25 Harry Potter Characters Reimagined As Villains (2023)

Harry Potteris one of the most popular and well-known franchises in pop culture. Even if you've never read the books or seen the movies, you've probably been asked about your Hogwarts house a few dozen times today alone. You may have even seen countless Wizarding World crossover stories featuring your favorite fandom.

It's a classic take on good versus evil with a dash of fear added for good measure. Almost everyone knows Harry Potter, but as the saying goes: a hero is only as good as his villain, and Voldemort is as iconic as the boy who lived.

Just because the franchise has given us some of the coolest and most noble characters doesn't mean they don't have the potential to become villains. Potterheads across the internet have been exploring how their favorite Dark Arts heroes could succeed. There's a sea of ​​good guys gone bad stories written by fans out there, as well as a plethora of fan art.

Below is a list of fan art featuring Harry Potter characters as villains. Some don't explicitly portray our favorite heroes as villains, and being in Slytherin isn't meant to be a harbinger of evil. Many of these pieces put a more sinister spin on our favorite heroes, offering limitless opportunities to unleash their potential to be evil. Some spoilers to follow, so beware if you're not up to date with the wizarding world.

Here they are25 Harry Potter characters reinvented as villains.

25. Gina

25 Harry Potter Characters Reimagined As Villains (1)

To say Ginny is a tough guy would be an understatement. Firstly, at the tender age of 11, in her first year at Hogwarts, she becomes obsessed with Tom Riddle's diary. So, throughout her youth, she continues to engage in the fight against evil. Despite this, she manages to become a kind and bright young woman in the face of so much adversity.

What if she had never parted with Riddle's diary?

This drawing ofLily – Luwill make Potterheads everywhere very happy that Ginny is among the good guys.

24. Dumbledore

25 Harry Potter Characters Reimagined As Villains (2)

Dumbledore has been the focus of much debate in the Harry Potter fandom, particularly his role in bringing Harry to his unknown death. But J.K. Rowling portrays him as a benevolent old man of wisdom who fights for the world's survival.

Young Dumbledore joined Grindelwald to create a society where witches and wizards would rule over Muggles.

Fortunately, Dumbledore changed his mind. But this piece ofzhukzhenya14gives us a glimpse of what would have happened if Dumbledore had not left Grindelwald's pursuit of power.

23. Lupine

25 Harry Potter Characters Reimagined As Villains (3)

Lupine is another wonderful character who has managed to keep good in his heart despite the hardships he has been through. He faces so much prejudice and discrimination because of his lycanthropy and lost his closest friends. His generosity and capacity for compassion made him one of the most popular Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers of Harry's day.

In this drawing ofAgainHowever, it is clear that even the most patient souls can have their bad days. You really don't want to be the target of such a piercing stare.

22. Hermione

25 Harry Potter Characters Reimagined As Villains (4)

Hermione may have been a little shaken by Harry and Ron aboard the Hogwarts Express, but she has become an integral part of the trio. She sticks with them through thick and thin, even breaking a few rules here and there for the greater good.

This frozen piece byjust-orsoninvestigates the possibility of Hermione joining Voldemort's ranks.

3Pettigrew is not the most competent wizard, but Voldemort is getting close to taking over the world thanks to his servitude. Can you imagine the devastation that would ensue if someone as brilliant as Hermione were to take Pettigrew's place?

21. Neville

25 Harry Potter Characters Reimagined As Villains (5)

Let's start by making it clear that no, being a potions expert doesn't mean someone is evil. But given how strongly the subject is associated with former Death Eater Severus Snape, it's hard not to overlook the doom and gloom in this wonderfully detailed piece.Arboriss.

Neville shows what he's made of by taking a stand at the Battle of Hogwarts, but obviously the trauma still lingers.

Nagini the snake looks over her shoulder, her ghostly form showing signs of decapitation. I hope Neville remains kind and brave well beyond the epilogue - despite these horrors.

20. Hagrid

25 Harry Potter Characters Reimagined As Villains (6)

Hagrid is one of the first characters introduced to the series and boy are we glad he survived all the violence. He might not be the most tactful or gracious person alive, but Hagrid was kind to Harry when he needed it most.

This drawing ofScottie Youngit doesn't portray Hagrid as a villain per se, but the style makes you think about his potential for evil.

If he joined Voldemort's ranks, his physical strength along with his bond with magical creatures would be a tremendous asset.

19. Krum

25 Harry Potter Characters Reimagined As Villains (7)

Durmstrang Institute has a reputation for offering the Dark Arts in its courses, and is also notorious for producing its fair share of Dark wizards, including Grindelwald and Igor Karkaroff. However, Viktor Krum completely rejected this dark legacy, also because Grindelwald took his grandfather's life.

Krum isn't exactly the most approachable person, and this painting byPatildacaptures it perfectly.

Some of his peers are suspicious of him because of his behavior, but imagine if he really was a dark wizard.

With his broomstick skills, he would be a formidable addition to the legion of Dark wizards.

18. Harry

25 Harry Potter Characters Reimagined As Villains (8)

Harry has had no shortage of offers to join the dark side. First, Draco asks Malfoy to join when they start at Hogwarts. So Voldemort tries to get Harry to give him the Philosopher's Stone by seducing him for power. Thankfully, Harry stayed true to his heart throughout the series, but fans likeLimseyare intrigued by the idea of ​​Harry embracing his dark side.

Joining Slytherin is not a one-way street to evil, but what would have happened if Harry had been sorted into Slytherin instead of Gryffindor? Let's hope his ambition didn't lead him down the wrong path.

17. McGonagall

25 Harry Potter Characters Reimagined As Villains (9)

McGonagall is incredibly strict, even with the Gryffindors, but she's just plain tough. Caught up in the chaos of Voldemort's rise to power, she is truly a woman of strong convictions. ButAylathaplaced her in the world of Star Wars, gave her a red lightsaber, and reinvented her as a Sith Lord.

Stormtroopers aren't the best marksmen, but McGonagall will certainly get them in shape.

Even though she wasn't a Sith, the idea of ​​McGonagall with a lightsaber and the Force is downright intimidating.

16. The whole gang

25 Harry Potter Characters Reimagined As Villains (10)

This disconnected alternate universeAlomoriaimagine a world where everything is basically the opposite of the canonical timeline and the heroes are now the worst versions of themselves that they can be.

Vampires do not feature prominently in the main Harry Potter series, but in this alternate universe, Hermione is now a vampire. She also lacks Hermione's original meticulousness and wears mismatched socks and shoes.

No longer the old man of the original series, Dumbledore remains young and alert thanks to the Philosopher's Stone.

Also, Harry now wears contact lenses - how mean!

15. Luna

25 Harry Potter Characters Reimagined As Villains (11)

Luna may be a bit of a social outcast at Hogwarts because of her eccentricities, but she has a good heart. Furthermore, her disregard for others' negative opinions of her has inspired many Potterheads to embrace each other. However,Peregrinus5FlohHer portrayal is definitely unnerving, to say the least.

Sure, it might be that she looks scary, but she's still the sweet young woman we know and love, but those pale eyes are downright scary, looking right into your soul it can steal, into the depths and to explore the limits of mortality.

14.Fred e Jorge

25 Harry Potter Characters Reimagined As Villains (12)

Fred and George are mischievous for sure, tirelessly playing pranks on those around them. But their most egregious actions are ultimately acts of rebellion against influential people who abuse their power.

But in this piece ofPatilda, the Weasley twins seem to have something more sinister in store. Of course, they could plot the downfall of Dolores Umbridge or plan an attack on one of Voldemort's lieutenants. On the other hand, they could also act as secret double agents against the Order of the Phoenix.

13. Harry

25 Harry Potter Characters Reimagined As Villains (13)

The Sorting Hat almost puts Harry in Slytherin, but in this alternate timelineKobold Frank, Harry is joining Draco Malfoy in that infamous Hogwarts house, and he looks very happy.

Joining Slytherin wouldn't automatically make Harry a villain, but behind him are three Death Eaters with glowing red eyes.

Harry still has a scar here, which means Voldemort is still attacking Harry instead of Neville. Did Harry just join Voldemort's minions? Or has he taken his place as Slytherin's heir, commanding the basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets and creating his own army of Death Eaters?

12. Ron

25 Harry Potter Characters Reimagined As Villains (14)

Ron had his ups and downs with Harry and Hermione, but he remained loyal to his friends from the start. He also has a dramatic relationship with his family, but it's hard to imagine he'll ever turn his back on his loved ones. But that didn't stop fans.capricornianosof Ron's reimagining as a Death Eater.

Maybe he's tired of being compared to his brothers and tired of being seen as Harry's sidekick. Perhaps a Dark wizard will appear and promise praise, power and wealth beyond Ron's wildest dreams.

11. Lily, James e Snape

25 Harry Potter Characters Reimagined As Villains (15)

Before the events of the first book, Lily and James Potter sacrifice themselves to save baby Harry's life. In this piece byunfinished workHowever, Lily and James survive, but join forces with Snape to avenge their son's unfortunate death at Voldemort's hands.

While the Potters have already battled the Dark Lord in canon, this definitely gives them a much more macabre motivation.

Also, in this drawing, they seem more than willing to use the Unforgivable Curses - including Avada Kedavra - to get revenge on Voldemort once and for all.

10. Credibility

25 Harry Potter Characters Reimagined As Villains (16)

Credence Barebone has a canonical Dark Arts brush in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Grindelwald, disguised as Percival Graves, manipulates Credence into helping him find an Obscurial, promising to train him in magic. Credence eventually turns his back on Grindelwald, howeverAlex Tods' drawing suggests a world in which he learns to use magic.

Perhaps Credence is back to exact revenge on Grindelwald. Or perhaps he has realized his magical potential and is now trying to unite, convinced that witches and wizards deserve to rule over Muggles.

9. Percy

25 Harry Potter Characters Reimagined As Villains (17)

Percy is a divisive figure in the Harry Potter fandom, to say the least. Some consider him a traitor who is turning his back on his family. Others point out that despite his extraordinary accomplishments, he is unfairly ridiculed. Percy can reconcile with his family, but in this play he seems to have fallen to the dark side.

The most notable element is her wand's green glow, which is very reminiscent of Avada Kedavra.

Unfortunately we couldn't find the artist for the drawing, please let us know if you know who it is!

8.Oliver Wood

25 Harry Potter Characters Reimagined As Villains (18)

Oliver Wood is probably best known as the cheerful captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. A highly skilled Quidditch player, he joins Puddlemere United after leaving Hogwarts and uses his flying skills to fight Death Eaters during the Battle of Hogwarts.

However,Be carefulOliver's digital drawing only hints at the possibility of malice within him. He has been shown to prioritize Quidditch over Harry's well-being, but perhaps there is a world where he is so obsessed with winning that he takes a dark turn and resorts to any means necessary to obtain titles.

7. Manager by Gina

25 Harry Potter Characters Reimagined As Villains (19)

Luna and Ginny are two of the cutest characters in the franchise, but howAviraTheStrangepoints out that they definitely have the potential to be miserable and mean.

The play shows the two witches running around madly.

Considering her magical abilities, it would truly be a sight to behold. It's honestly hard to imagine the two willingly joining Voldemort's minions. Perhaps they are tired of being insulted by their peers. When they reach the breaking point, they wreak havoc on their tormentors and give them a taste of their own medicine.

6. Charlie

25 Harry Potter Characters Reimagined As Villains (20)

Charlie isn't exactly the most prominent character in the Harry Potter series, mainly because he's noticeably absent from the film adaptations. This did not lessen the Potterhead's affection for him one bit. He's great with magical creatures and fighting Death Eaters, but inPatildadrawing of him looks a bit sinister. In fact, he looks a bit like Bucky Barnes as the Winter Soldier.

Imagine a Captain America crossover where Charlie is separated from his beloved family and brainwashed into spying on the Weasleys for Voldemort.

5. Invoice

25 Harry Potter Characters Reimagined As Villains (21)

Not much is known about Bill compared to other characters in the franchise, but he's still one of the most popular Weasleys thanks to his laid-back personality and bravery. He also has a beautiful fang earring. However,Peregrinus5FlohBill's painting at work gives the impression that something is suspicious about Gringotts.

As a curse breaker, Bill finds curses on historic sites to bring back large amounts of gold for the bank.

If you think about it, does Gringotts really have the rights to this treasure? Or are they just looting, stealing property that doesn't belong to them?

4. Hermione

25 Harry Potter Characters Reimagined As Villains (22)

Hermione was mistreated for being Muggle-born, so it's hard to imagine her joining the ranks of pure-blood Death Eaters like in this play byPumpkinZhateOriginal. Technically, Death Eaters don't have to be purebloods as long as they hide their blood status and subscribe to pureblood supremacy. After all, Voldemort also has a Muggle father.

Perhaps Voldemort could seduce her with the promise of all the knowledge known to the wizarding world and ensure her loyalty by appealing to her inquisitive nature. Her magical abilities would certainly give her an advantage.

3. Sirius e Lupin

25 Harry Potter Characters Reimagined As Villains (23)

Sirius is blamed for the deaths of Lily and James and sent to Azkaban for years for a crime he didn't commit. What if the Dementors torment him so much that he has nothing good in him when he escapes prison?

In this piece bychicxulub, Sirius is wearing a striped Azkaban prison uniform and lying next to him is Lupine in his werewolf form. Perhaps in this dark and twisted AU, Lupine has had enough of the discrimination he faces as a man's world and decides to team up with Sirius to exact his revenge.

2. Cedrico See More

25 Harry Potter Characters Reimagined As Villains (24)

Hufflepuffs get a bad rap for being bland from other houses, but since they've produced the fewest Dark witches and wizards, they must be doing something right. One of the most famous Hufflepuffs is Cedric Diggory, known for his friendliness even towards his competitors during the Triwizard Tournament. In this piece bysomeone144, however, Cedric takes a rather dark turn.

Alternatively, this could be a Twilight crossover where Edward is sorted into Hufflepuff.

To maximize the fear, Bella could be a Slytherin and they would have to navigate Hogwarts politics to be together.

1. Harry

25 Harry Potter Characters Reimagined As Villains (25)

Darth Vader of the Star Wars universe is one of the most recognizable villains in pop culture, while Harry Potter is a prominent hero figure. Of course, the list wouldn't be complete without this piece.mau009Depiction of Harry as a Sith.

His lightning bolt-shaped scar extends past his eye like Vader.

Having the scar means Voldemort attacked him, so perhaps Harry is starting out as one of the good guys. When Harry learns of the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise, he turns to the dark side to bring his parents back.


Who else?Harry Potterdo you present yourself as a villain? Tell us in the comments!

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