All Spider-Man Animated Series (In Chronological Order) (2023)

Over the years, Marvel has produced iconic characters like Captain America, Iron Man, and The Incredible Hulk, but there's no doubt that their most successful legacy character is the Amazing Spider-Man. The story of teenager Peter Parker who is bitten by a radioactive spider, causing him to turn into one.Spidermanit has been loved since its creation.

With this love for the character came video games, live-action movies and, of course, animated shows, to be enjoyed by all generations throughout the decades. There has been a Spider-Man animated series almost every decade since the 1960s, with many different styles and spellings.

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Updated September 10, 2021 by Scoot Allan:The announcement of a new animated series has fans excited for yet another new Spider-Man cartoon. There have been a few different versions of the character that have graced television screens over the years. The latter will explore Spider-Man's early days in the Marvel Cinematic Universe before the live-action character made his debut in the movies. Fans are going back to rewatch a series of Spider-Man cartoons available to stream ahead of the new series' release on Disney+.

11.11The iconic 1967 Spider-Man animated series is fondly remembered by fans and is referenced frequently in the movies.

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Web-Head's first turn to the big screen came in the form of this hilarious kids' show. He left his place in history with his cheesy adventures, animations that prompted the creation ofmiles of memes, and an iconic theme song that's referenced in almost every live-action Spider-Man movie at some point.

Without this show, fans might not have gotten the movies or other animated shows that followed. It may be dated, but it still holds a special place in the hearts of many fans. He even made a brief cameo in Spider-Man: Into the post-credits scene of The Spider-Verse.

10/11Spider-Man got a new short-lived series in 1981 with various guest stars.

All Spider-Man Animated Series (In Chronological Order) (2)

This series seemed to fly under the radar as it lasted only twenty-two episodes before being cancelled. Like the original series, it has many dated elements, such as cheesy writing and animation that was almost identical to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

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However, he was ahead of his time as he had guest star appearances from other Marvel heroes and villains including Captain America, Namor,y Doctor Doom. This series set the stage for sequels like Spider-Woman and the upcoming animated web crawler series.

9/11Spider-Man and his fantastic friends from 1981 united the hero with Firestar and Iceman

All Spider-Man Animated Series (In Chronological Order) (3)

From the same production and animation team came this series that placed Spider-Man in a small team of heroesIceman from X-Menand fire star. As the solo series has experimented with the idea of ​​more Marvel characters, it's going all-out with guest characters.


Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends ran for three seasons with just twenty-four episodes. It was a complete success and to this day there are fans who return with a smile and watch the series again. It's already available for home streaming on Disney+, along with many other Spider-Man shows.

8/11Spider-Man: The Animated Series first aired in 1994 and quickly became a fan favorite.

All Spider-Man Animated Series (In Chronological Order) (4)

The original 1967 series might have started it all, but the show that many consider to be the greatest Spider-Man show of all time is the '90s reboot. With amazing animation for its time, respect and care for just about everyone. characters, more action and darker plots, Spider-Man (1994) was another success for the Marvel animated universe.started with x-men.

Spider-Man: TAS would span five seasons and be the longest-running Spider-Man animated series of all time, until being surpassed by another entry years later. After that, the Marvel Universe would expand with shows like The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man.

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7/11Spider-Man Unlimited debuted in 1999 with a new high-tech suit set in a cyberpunk-inspired world.

All Spider-Man Animated Series (In Chronological Order) (5)

Spider-Man Unlimited was a sequel to the previous series that follows Peter Parker Venom and Carnage.a new cyberpunk landto stop them and save the son of J. Jonah Jameson. It only lasted one season of thirteen episodes, and it shows why: the animation is worse than the previous series.

The design of Spider-Man's new cyberpunk suit didn't work out well either, and the whole show felt underwhelming. It was an apparent attempt to capitalize on the then-popular cyberpunk superhero (Batman Beyond), leading many fans to agree that it probably would have worked better if it had.spider man 2099.

6/112003's Spider-Man: The New Animated Series followed the 2002 live-action film and featured 3D animation

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Bringing a superhero family series to MTV was a horrible decision that resulted in very few people actually knowing the show existed. Those who actually watched the series didn't stick with it, as the show features a controversial 3D animation style that didn't serve the setting well.

The failure of Spider-Man: TNAS is a shame, as Neil Patrick Harris and Michael Clarke Duncan really pushed themselves into their performances and the writing is spot on most of the time. The animation was so hard to watch. The show's poor performance led to its cancellation after one season.

5/11The spectacular Spider-Man debuted in 2008 with modernized villains but classic stories

All Spider-Man Animated Series (In Chronological Order) (7)
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When it comes to Spider-Man shows, the 1994 series often rivals The Spectacular Spider-Man for best fan animated adaptation - it had many of the same qualities that made this series so great. It was beautifully animated and adapted many iconic comic book stories in its own way, with great performances from the voice actors.

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Unfortunately, the popular series was canceled after two seasons due to rights issues. Fortunately, the creators had to go ahead and make DC's Young Justice, which was originally canceled after two seasons and revived ten years later.

4/112012's Ultimate Spider-Man transformed the web-slinger into a team leader for four seasons

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Despite the show's title, this series isnot about Miles Morales. Instead, he follows Peter Parker after he is killed by S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Nick Fury. plus a superhero team that includes Luke Cage, White Tiger, Iron Fist, and Nova. Later this Spider-Man would change with Avengers Assemble.

Ultimate Spider-Man mixed action with a lot of fourth wall breaking and jokes which led to a mixed reception. This didn't stop the series from spanning four very long seasons spanning five years, making it the longest-running Spider-Man series of all time.

3/11Marvel's Spider-Man first aired in 2017 with reimagined characters and a focus on science.

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With a new Spider-Man movie series beginning that same year, another animated Spider-Man reboot was inevitable. This Spider-Man series once again focuses on Peter Parker balancing his Spider-Man existence and attending a special high-tech school for bright kids.

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With many new and familiar aspects, this series went through its third season, which was titled Spider-Man: Maximum Venom. the recording ofmany Spider-People as main charactersit was appreciated, but the cheap animation gave some fans a shrug.

2/11Spidey And His Amazing Friends 2021 Is A Preschool Series Starring His Modern Allies

All Spider-Man Animated Series (In Chronological Order) (10)

Spidey and His Amazing Friends served as the spiritual successor to the fan-favorite series from the '80s and premiered on Disney Jr. in 2021. Targeted at young ages, the family-friendly series stars Peter Parker/Spider-Man along with his modern team of web warriors like Miles Morales/Spin (rebranded for the series) and Gwen Stacy/ghost spider.

The series launched with webisodes called Meet Spidey and His Amazing Friends, which featured the cast of heroes like Spider-Man's Trace-E drone and his Web-ster supercomputer, as well as villains like the Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus.

1/11Spider-Man: Freshman Year takes place before the live-action hero's MCU debut

All Spider-Man Animated Series (In Chronological Order) (11)

The latest series starring Peter Parker as Spider-Man was recently announced and streamed on Disney+. Set in the MCU, Spider-Man: Freshman Year will explore the previously unrevealed origins of the wall-crawler.

The new animated series is produced by Jeff Trammell, who will also serve as head writer. Trammell is best known for his work with other Disney animated series like Craig of the Creek and Amphibia, which has fans even more excited for the upcoming freshman year.

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How many animated Spider-Man series are there? ›

Since 1967, there have been eight incarnations of a cartoon Spider-Man.

Are the Spider-Man cartoons connected? ›

However, following the critical and commercial success of Raimi's Spider-Man, The New Animated Series was reworked to take place in the same continuity and after the events of the first film, with Bendis attached as a writer and co-executive producer.

What is the oldest Spider-Man animation? ›

The first episode, "The Power Of Doctor Octopus"/"Sub-Zero For Spidey", premiered on September 9, 1967.

Why did they cancel Spider-Man: The Animated Series? ›

Cancellation. Producer John Semper Jr. clarified on his Facebook page that the show's cancellation was not due to disagreements between executive producer Avi Arad and network head Margaret Loesch but rather funding issues: "Fox contracted for 65 episodes and that's exactly what we did.

Did Spider-Man: The Animated Series get Cancelled? ›

Cancellation. MTV decided that, even though the ratings were high compared to other shows in the same time-slot, the series did not fit in with its other programming. Director Brandon Vietti stated that had the series gone on he would have used the villains Mysterio, Vulture, and more of Kraven.

Is Spider-Man Unlimited a continuation of the animated series? ›

Spider-Man Unlimited is an American animated series by Saban Entertainment which features the Marvel comic book superhero Spider-Man, intended as a loose sequel series to the previous Spider-Man: The Animated Series, which ran from 1994 to 1998.

Is Spider-Man Unlimited a sequel to Spider-Man: The Animated Series? ›

Spider-Man Unlimited is a loose sequel to Spider-Man: The Animated Series which aired on Fox Kids from 1999 to 2001.

Are all Spider-Man series connected? ›

They aren't connected; sort of just separate groupings. But depending on what No Way Home does, these could all start to cross over.

Is Spider-Man: The Animated Series accurate? ›

But the 90s Spider-Mananimated series is quite possibly the best and most accurate adaptation of Marvel's titular Web-Head. Christopher Daniel Barnes lends a terrific voice to Peter Parker, mixing in a perfect amount of awkward nerd and witty superhero.

Which Spider-Man cartoon follows the comics? ›

Ultimate Spider-Man (titled Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors for the third season and Ultimate Spider-Man vs. the Sinister Six for its final season) is an American superhero animated television series broadcast on the cable network Disney XD, based on the Spider-Man comics published by Marvel Comics.

Who is the oldest spider? ›

Number 16 (spider)
SpeciesGaius villosus
Born1972/1973 North Bungulla Reserve, Western Australia
Died2016 (aged about 43) North Bungulla Reserve, Western Australia
Known forSubject of long-term monitoring project; oldest known spider

What is the very first Spider-Man? ›

In Spider-Man's first story, in Marvel Comics' Amazing Fantasy, no. 15 (1962), American teenager Peter Parker, a poor sickly orphan, is bitten by a radioactive spider. As a result of the bite, he gains superhuman strength, speed, and agility along with the ability to cling to walls.

How old is Japanese Spider-Man? ›

In this series, Spider-Man's civilian identity is Takuya Yamashiro (山城 拓也, Yamashiro Takuya), a 22-year-old motocross racer. He has the ability to perceive threats from the Iron Cross Army with his spider-senses. He fights the Iron Cross Army in order to avenge his father's death.

How old is Peter Parker in the animated series? ›

Trivia. Peter is fifteen years old in season one, and sixteen years old in seasons two and three. Peter's voice actor, Robbie Daymond, had auditioned to voice him in the previous series Ultimate Spider-Man but lost the role to Drake Bell.

Does Spider-Man ever find Mary Jane in the animated series? ›

Carnage tries to attack, but Spider-Man arrives and tosses Carnage with webbing. Spider-Man then takes off his mask and reveals his secret identity to a shocked Mary Jane. Peter and Mary Jane then kiss. Carnage returns to break up their reunion and escapes with Mary Jane as his captive.

What happened to MJ in Spider-Man: The Animated Series? ›

While this was in Spider-Man: The Animated Series, it was downplayed a lot. After witnessing a fight between Spider-Man and Puma, Mary Jane revealed to Spider-Man that she knew he was Peter Parker. Mary Jane and Peter Parker eventually got married. Mary Jane became pregnant with Peter's baby.

Who acted best as Spider-Man? ›

Tobey Maguire

This is the one that all the actors who play Spidey are trying to live up to (and just a few have surpassed). Tobey Maguire has starred in Spider-Man in 2002, Spider-Man 2 in 2004, Spider-Man 3 in 2007 and Spider-Man: No Way Home in 2021.

Which Spider-Man is popular? ›

If there's one abiding reason why Tom Holland easily tops the list as our favorite Spider-Mans, it's simply that for the first time, the character and actor are both age-appropriate.

Why is Spectacular Spider-Man not on Disney? ›

In 2009 the popular animated show, The Spectacular Spider-Man was unfortunately canceled when Disney's acquisition of Marvel led to Sony giving up the animation rights to Spider-Man.

Is Spiderman the new animated series canon? ›

While Spider-Man: The New Animated Series cannot take place in the same universe as the rest of the Sam Raimi Spider-Man franchise, it does canonically continue the story of 2002's Spider-Man.

Is this Spider-Man the last one? ›

"We are getting ready to make the next Spider-Man movie with Tom Holland and Marvel. We're thinking of this as three films, and now we're going to go onto the next three," she said. "This is not the last of our MCU movies."

Was Spider-Man Unlimited removed? ›

Spider-Man Unlimited is a discontinued endless runner video game developed and published by Gameloft based on the Marvel Comics superhero Spider-Man. The player controls the title character and his alternate versions during his fight against the members of the Sinister Six and their multiverse counterparts.

How old is Peter Parker in Spider-Man Unlimited? ›

Peter Parker (Earth-96283)
Age:18 (Spider-Man) 20 (Spider-Man 2) 21 (Spider-Man 3) (Born 1984)
Height:5' 8" (1.73 m)
Weight:162 lbs (73 kg)
Relatives/friends:Aunt May Uncle Ben Mary Jane Watson (girlfriend) Harry Osborn (best friend)
7 more rows

Is Gwen in Spider-Man: The Animated Series? ›

She was voiced by Joan Lee, the wife of Spider-Man's co-creator Stan Lee. The creative team decided not to use Gwen Stacy in this series because they did not want to use a character that was dead in the comics for over 20 years and long time fans would expect her to eventually die.

Is Spider-Man DLC after story? ›

Released in three distinct chapters, The Heist, Turf Wars, and Silver Lining, the DLC serves as an epilogue to the main game taking place three months following its conclusion and follows Spider-Man as he contends with a new crime wave led by the physically-enhanced mob boss Hammerhead.

Who is the main villain of Spider-Man: The Animated Series? ›

Norman Osborn, also known as The Green Goblin, is the central antagonist of the 1994 superhero TV series Spider-Man: The Animated Series.

Is it true that all 3 Spider-Man actors together? ›

Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield have finally gathered together online to discuss the Marvel/Sony blockbuster, since it arrived over Christmas. The latter two actors, who played different versions of Spider-Man in earlier movies, reprised their roles for the webslinger's latest escapade.

Are the 3 spidermans in different universes? ›

We might have gotten our answer as during an interview with Fandango, as Spider-Man producer Amy Pascal confirmed that there are three separate Spider-Man Universes, and that they are all connected or woven together in some way.

Do I need to watch all the Spidermans before the new one? ›

These earlier movies definitely aren't required viewing for No Way Home. But they're great to revisit to get a feel for the classic villains that are going to make an appearance due to the multiverse.

Is the 90s Spider-Man good? ›

The 65 episode series covered important storylines in Spidey's history, with many only just making it to the big screen. Despite being a children's show the 90s Spider-Man series is still regarded as one of the best adaptations of the titular character that has stood the test of time.

What earth is 90s Spider-Man? ›


What is the newest Spider Man animated series? ›

“Spider-Man: The New Animated Series” Coming Soon To Disney+ (US) Disney has announced that the “Spider-Man: The New Animated Series” is going to be coming to Disney+ in the United States on Wednesday, 19th October 2022.

How old is Deadpool in Ultimate Spider Man? ›

For this series, he is a teenager and got his powers and training from S.H.I.E.L.D. While in the comics and most other media, Deadpool was an adult, as well as a former soldier and member of an assassin group, who was slowly dying from cancer.

Which spider lives 20 years? ›

While many common house spiders live a few years some can survive up to seven years. Tarantulas, on the other hand, can live into their 20s.

What spider has the shortest lifespan? ›

Spiders live anywhere from a few months to past 40 years of age, depending on the species. Common house spiders are some of the shortest life spans among spiders, with tarantulas being among the highest.

What spider lives for 40 years? ›

A trapdoor spider in Australia spent decades tending a small burrow—a life people can learn from, scientists say. Number 16—the world's longest-lived known spider—has died, likely killed by a wasp at the ripe old age of 43 years. She outlived the previous record holder, a 28-year-old tarantula found in Mexico.

What movie does Tom Holland get his powers? ›

Tom Holland as Peter Parker / Spider-Man: A 15-year-old who gained spider-like abilities after being bitten by a radioactive spider.

What is Spider-Man's real name? ›

* The character of Spider-Man, created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, first appeared in Marvel Comics' August 1962 issue of “Amazing Fantasy No. 15.” * Spider-Man's real name is Peter Benjamin Parker.

How old is Andrew Garfield? ›

Which Spider-Man is Mexican? ›

Miles Morales might be the most recognizable Latinx character within the expanded Spider-Verse, but he's not the only one who comes from Latinx origins.

What is the oldest Spider-Man cartoon? ›

Spider-Man (1967)

The first animated series was simply titled Spider-Man, and ran on ABC from 1967 to 1970. The show's first season was produced by Grantray-Lawrence Animation, which soon went bankrupt.

Which Spider-Man has 6 arms? ›

Mutant X. In the Mutant X universe, Spider-Man still has six arms. For unexplained reasons, he has taken to calling himself Man-Spider instead of Spider-Man. Moreover, the chemical he consumed apparently altered his DNA, since his clone (who is killed by Madelyne Pryor within the series) also has six arms.

Is Spiderman The Animated Series A sequel? ›

Spider-Man Unlimited is the loosely connected sequel series to Spider-Man and part of the Marvel Animated Universe.

What order should I watch Spider-Man and Tom Holland? ›

Here's a list of all of Tom Holland's MCU appearances, and how they fit in with the chronology of his solo films.
  • Captain America: Civil War (2016)
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)
  • Avengers: Infinity War (2018)
  • Avengers: Endgame (2019)
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)
  • Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)
Feb 6, 2023

Do you need to watch old Spider-Man in order? ›

Now, if you don't intend on watching every Spider-Man movie, then of course you don't have to. But with each different grouping, we do recommend watching them from the beginning to the end, and that's pretty universally going to be in release order.

Which Spider-Man do I watch first before No Way Home? ›

1. Watch Spider-Man (2002) Before Watching No Way Home. Start with the beginning of the story and get the history of Peter Parker the old school way.

Is TASM 2 called rise of electro? ›

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (internationally titled The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of Electro) is a 2014 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man. The film was directed by Marc Webb and produced by Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach.

How old is Peter Parker in Spider-Man animated series? ›

Trivia. Peter is fifteen years old in season one, and sixteen years old in seasons two and three. Peter's voice actor, Robbie Daymond, had auditioned to voice him in the previous series Ultimate Spider-Man but lost the role to Drake Bell.

What is the newest Spider-Man animated series? ›

“Spider-Man: The New Animated Series” Coming Soon To Disney+ (US) Disney has announced that the “Spider-Man: The New Animated Series” is going to be coming to Disney+ in the United States on Wednesday, 19th October 2022.

Which Spider-Man with Tom Holland is first? ›

Captain America: Civil War (2016 - Marvel movie)

Following the collapse of its own Spider-Man universe, Sony agreed to let the Spider-Man character be used by Marvel in the MCU. This led to the debut of Tom Holland as Peter Parker in Civil War.

How many Spider-Man's has Tom Holland been in? ›

In 2015, Tom was cast as Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Sony and Marvel's films. He has played the role in Captain America: Civil War (2016), Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), and Avengers: Infinity War (2018).

What Spider-Man movie does Tom Holland first appear in? ›

On June 23, Marvel and Sony officially announced that Holland would star as Spider-Man in the MCU in Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017).

Why is Spider-Man not on Disney plus? ›

Spider-Man titles will eventually land on Disney+, but there's a catch. It is common knowledge that Disney does not hold rights to any web-slinger projects. The rights belong exclusively to Sony. However, Disney and Sony made a deal, allowing the superhero to make lengthy appearances in the MCU.

Is Spiderman Homecoming the first one? ›

Yes, Spider-Man: Homecoming is the superhero's sixth film ever, but it's also the first one made with Marvel Studios, meaning it's officially part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Where is Spider-Man: No Way Home chronologically? ›

Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021 - movie)

The film picks up where the last Spider-Man film left off, with Peter being accused of murdering Mysterio while having his identity revealed to the entire world.

Do I need to watch all the Spider-Man movies before No Way Home? ›

What Spider-Man movies should you watch before No Way Home? Let's start with the obvious stuff: this is the third movie in Tom Holland's Spider-Man trilogy. As such, you'll need to watch Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home to catch up on the story so far.

What comes after No Way Home? ›

Kraven The Hunter - 2023

Spider-Man's comics villain Kraven the Hunter is making his live-action debut on October 6th, 2023, with Sony bringing to life his origin story in this next new Spider-Man movie.


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