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Welcome to IGN's walkthrough for Yakuza: Like a Dragon. This section coversChapter 14: Passing the Torchwhich involves some very difficult boss fights, including one against a very unsuspecting character.

Chapter 14: Passing the Torch


Chapter 14 opens with scenes showing Kyosuke reeling from the information he just found out. Immediately after exiting Survive Bar, you will be faced with a few enemies early on.

Fighting: Tokyo Omi Alliance

His enemies include six members of the Tokyo Omi Alliance: Akita (Lv. 52) and five Lv. 51 enemies Nitta, Kubo, More, Shintani and Honma.

There is nothing too difficult in this group of enemies. As usual, area attacks work well, especially since they tend to stack up in alleyways. They are also weak to electric and fire attacks, so take advantage of this weakness.

After the fight, heal up at the Survive Bar if needed, then head into town to track down Kume. Head into the building to start a cutscene. As expected, another fight will take place soon after.

Fighting: Tokyo Omi Alliance

This fight is against six other members of the slightly tougher Tokyo Omi Alliance. You face Muraoka (Lv. 54) and five Lv. 53 enemies: Otsuki, Osada, Ohara, Hayashida and Yanagizawa.

Again, area attacks and fire abilities work extremely well here to take out enemies quickly. After doing a quick job of Lv. 53 enemies, focus on Muraoka who should go down shortly after.

After the fight, you'll see more cutscenes as Kyosuke tries to fight his way to find Kume and Aoki. Just before he beats a man to death, Kazuma Kiryu will appear and stop Kyosuke. He will tell Kyosuke to meet him at the Geomijul headquarters in Koreatown. Make sure you heal up at the Survive Bar before going in as you are about to fight Kazuma Kiryu.

Boss Fight: Kazuma Kiryu

Yeah, you didn't expect that to happen, did you? You face the former fourth president of the Tojo clan, Kiryu (level 57).

Kiryu is bulky and hits hard, but can be overcome with proper planning beforehand. For one, he doesn't flirt with women, he stays true to form. So having Eri and/or Saeko in your party is a huge plus. Ideally, one of them should be a Host to deal cold damage and exploit Kiryu's weakness, while the other should be an Idol to keep the party's HP at max. Kiryu is resistant to physical attacks, but he is very susceptible to poison attacks that can damage his health over time. So Joon-gi's Poison Shot is a great attack to use early on, or summon our old friend Nancy-chan from Poundmates.

As a fighter, Kiryu will switch between different stances based on his health. When he starts the fight, he will use his Fighter Stance, which focuses on using punches and kicks to deal massive damage. It is also recommended to use Kyosuke's Peerless Resolve ability if you have unlocked it, as it allows him to avoid fatal damage and can be applied multiple times during the battle to prevent a game over.


At 2/3 HP, Kazuma goes into his Rush stance, which focuses more on evasion. He will immediately counter any regular attacks, so he will need to use Skills to hit him and focus on keeping his MP up to date to remain effective. Be sure to reapply the status effects and debuffs as they disappear when he changes position.

As soon as his health drops below 1/2 HP, he will switch to his Beast stance. Make sure his HP is constantly increasing, as he will hit very hard during this phase with attacks like Beast Throw, which can easily deal 400+ damage.

His final phase comes around 1/4 HP remaining and is the Dragon of Dojima stance. His arms will glow with blue flames and he will evade and parry many of your party's attacks. Make sure to apply poison one more time and it will eventually drop.

After the fight is over, you will have a few cutscenes to watch. After regaining control of Kyosuke, he follows Kiryu to the monitor room. He'll give you some parting tips, and you'll be tasked with taking down the assassin who's after Sawashiro. Head to Ishioda's hideout in the Bar District to continue.

It is recommended to heal up at the nearby Survive Bar before proceeding as you will soon be facing some tough enemies. When you are ready, go to the marker on the map. Just before entering the building, you will be ambushed by some of Ishioda's men.

Fight: Ishioda Family

This fight is against six Lv. 55 members of the Tokyo Omi Alliance: Isobe, Nagai, Konishi, Ishizuka, Ohara and Nakayama. Most of these enemies pose no threat, except for Isobe, who wields a staff and can deal decent damage. Focus on using area attacks, as well as fire and electric attacks to finish off smaller enemies. Isobe is surprisingly tough, but weak to electric and slash damage. So she keeps piling it up and it will eventually fall over.

After the fight, pick up the God of War Keystone on the ground nearby. When you're ready, he continues through the marked door into Ishioda's hideout.

Fight: Ishioda Family

You will immediately be thrown into another fight against five more members of the Tokyo Omi Alliance, led by Hirabayashi (Lv. 54). There are also four Lv. 53 members: Deguchi, Imaizumi, Shinoda and Akita.

Use the small room to your advantage with early area attacks to reduce party health. Once Hirabayashi is left, he can exploit his slash damage weakness and hopefully bleed for additional damage over time. After this fight heal your party using whatever items you have before moving on to the next battle as it is the end of the chapter.


Boss Fight: Reiji Ishioda (e Mirror Face)

You will face the Ishioda Family Patriarch, Ishioda (level 57) and the Face Mirror Face Copy Assassin (level 55) in this final fight of the chapter. Mirror Face will take on the Adachi identity (and moveset), so you should know what to expect up to a certain point.

Mirror Face is a tank (as expected) and you should focus on taking him out first using slash and pistol attacks to exploit his weaknesses. It is also recommended to use some poison attacks early on to deal damage over time to both Mirror Face and Reiji.

Mirror Face can occasionally parry attacks to reduce damage and Reiji can also counter attacks from your party members, so make sure to keep your heal up with Saeko at all times.

Advice:This fight is also a good time to summon Goro Majima through Poundmates, as his summon animation isabsolutelysomething you need to see and his knife attacks do significant damage to Mirror Face.

Once Mirror Face is out of the picture, the fight is much more manageable. Reiji doesn't hit that hard and is weak to Ice, Fire and Electric attacks, so he brings Nanba and unleashes some Pyro-techniques.

When Reiji's health drops below 50%, he will use Malicious Grin to increase his attack and resistance to status ailments. The party will also be affected by fear, so she must wait for it to pass or remedy it with items. As long as you keep your healing high and have some kind of status effect that reduces Reiji's health, he will eventually go down to your attacks.

After some explosive final scenes, you will have access toKazuma Kiryu via Poundmatesand Chapter 14 will end.

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