Don't Fight The Feeling Lyrics by Too $hort - Full lyrics of the original song. Don't fight the feeling Official Lyrics Version 2022 | (2023)

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Don't Fight The Feeling Lyrics by Too $hort - Full lyrics of the original song. Don't fight the feeling Official Lyrics Version 2022 | (1)Ask for and answer explanations.

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Lyrics and translationToo $hort - Don't Fight The Feeling

Too $short:

say how
if you
Can I ask you a question
He would like?
Oh you don't want me to talk to you like that
would you like to make love

I saw you walking down the street and I had to stop
Turn up the radio and drop the top
I see you look so good and you're doing so good
Tender young lady, would you be mine?
I'll put you in my car, I'll take you to my house
Cause I'm a Mack, I'll take you out
I won't ask, and I certainly won't beg.
Reach right and rub your leg
I slide my hand between your miniskirt
Slide a finger in your panties, go straight to work
what time is it, don't look at the clock
Lay back doll and I'll shake your dick
Funky Fresh I am, and always can be, Freak Nasty
I am the man
I take you to the best restaurant
buy what you want
You want flowers, I'll buy you a rose
But then you get out of them.
You want golden girl, what's next?
you and I do shit
So now you know I'm just a freak
Give it up baby I can't wait for weeks
I want it all, don't say I don't want it
Get it girl, now I'm telling you, don't

-girl's voice-

black please
You don't provoke a feeling
You must have forgotten the girls you're dealing with.
We don't have the need to keep busy
Like those giddy Lizys that used to dance for you, you're finished
I can't say it more clearly, your vocabulary is limited.
You're addicted to the words you inflict
Over and over, line by line
Talking about bitches buzzing in your head
I call you short by your height or width
This me boy I'll hang your balls on a cliff
Wrapped around a sneak, you're a fool
It's a walk around the corner cause the sidewalk didn't want your ass
Your name is ugh mouth, you don't clean
You have to cover your mouth like that.
they call you disgust
You refuse to clean up, no baby you can keep that kiss
You're a freak with no history
You got no ass, class, you can't pass, you're just trash
You a typical black, the kind you don't take home
???? Stockings and Barbie out of the woods
Like a puppy that carries fleas
You make my ass itch, twitch, don't you wish you could scratch it?
And grab it how you want
The name fits because you put everything...

-Too $short-

Get mad if you want, I won't step forward
When it's time to ride, it won't be punk
Turn your butt around and touch that butt
Too short baby all in your guts
I'm not your ABC, from the alphabet
Every letter I write will make your pussy wet
It's just a weird note from me to you.
I signed it Playboy ii below
I'm a player bitch I thought you knew
Like every other black on my crew
I touch heels, now it's your turn
Tell me, tender young lady, when will you learn?
I like pimps, you know?
But I won't sell you or sell your punch
Just your average everyday bitch
My gold rings are from Spitz
Look baby you know what I want
You act like it's that time of the month
If you bleed, you can't think about sex
Annoyed by tu Kotex
We don't have to kiss, we don't have to fuck
I pull out my bitch dick you can suck
Here now, don't say I won't
Get it girl, now I ain't telling you...

-girl's voice-

Punk, I'm not a teaser, I'm not a skeezer
And definitely not a Dick Pleaser
You dream and you scream and you fight to my liking
you do not have enough
I feel disgust for you
Wait, smoke things that I hate
For God's sake, if I wanted someone short, I'd masturbate.
I'm not talking about your height, weight or what you dream of
When I say too short you know what I mean
Look, I need a man, not a boy, to come up to me.
Your lame game really offends me
Your name is too $short, or should I say too skinny
If size was money, baby, you wouldn't have a dime
Little boy, you're not a player
I am your savior
Trying to reach out to me shows kind behavior.
I must stand up to get down to your level
Your mother should have hung you by her umbilical cord.
If she had known your mission
All right, little one, here's a suggestion.
You want a little danger, get in my zone
You call yourself Dogg so I'll send you home
With his tail between his legs, squealing and moaning
Jealous of you, niggaare indulge your lies
Cause I'm fighting the feeling that it has to be one
And mathematically, me plus you equals none...

-Rappin 4 Tay-

I'm the rapper they call 4 Tay
I'll tell you how my homie short dogg would say
Hack the world and try to play cute
Knowing very well that they are going to go crazy
Some do it for maybe a week.
And then it's great to get up under the covers
I tried to get it to work but she said no.
That's as far as it will go
So I turn back and forth to loosen it up
Finally she feels the right juice
Some of you say oh that's wicked
The back of your coat says cute and sassy.
24 deep, that's how you sleep
Undercover monster any day of the week
See, some of you fans just need to stop.
Playing that role like you're not there
The rest of you fans just don't want to admit it.
Especially if you know who can get it.
The body doesn't stumble because I know I'm right
you could be white or black
It really doesn't take long for a girl (deep bass)
But a girl (bass bass) is always trying to turn you on
With a little pressure, but it's just a tease
Give her some time, she'll be on her knees
Then I pick her up so I can work the butt.
Baby I just wanna try to crack a nut
But don't get me wrong, because you started it all.
Come to my house in a cam, right? Swamp??
But when it's time to push
So you stand in front of all this love
First you said that I deserved it
Now you fight, you don't want to serve him
I had some time so make up your mind
Don't fight the feeling, this time to your own whining
You talked about giving me something
But I'm Rappin 4 Tay, don't numb me...

-Too $short-

Yeah man I got the little hoes
So now it's time to be real
I know they never have real dick
You need to stop talking that childish crap.
You wanna rank hoe
Go find your selection bank
Although my little dick will make you scream
Cause when it comes to sex, you don't know what's going on
You're still playing that fucking finger
Look, I'm a grown man.
I knocked out a young ***
I like big asses, not big mouths
I know some girls will tear you apart in bed
Put down your drawers, give yourself some head
But girl you wanna have fun
You better go to the magic mountain because you are too young.
So at this point I can't really say shit
Don't drop the lines, I'll just call you a bitch... Beyotch!


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