'iCarly' Reboot Premiere Review: A Garbage Fire (2023)

I was ready. He was ready to see Freddie Benson say, "In 5, 4, 3, 2 —" and point to Carly Shay as she starts her live web show. He was ready to see Spencer Shay engage in bizarre antics as she shapes things. I thought he was ready. But it wasn't me.

FYI I was a big fan oficarlygrowing up. I loved the characters and the funny situations they got into and how it would all work itself out in the end, usually with a ridiculous subplot centering around my favorite character, Spencer. This show was a big part of my childhood.

And when I found out that the series was getting a reboot, I was beyond excited. I couldn't wait to see these characters again. I could tell from the trailer that the show was going to be more adult-oriented, with more off-color language and jokes, and I was totally on board.

The first three episodes of the show came out this week on Paramount+ and I watched them at the first available opportunity. But even in the opening scene, I knew something was wrong. And unfortunately it went downhill from there.

I am sorry. I'm sorry to say this because I really wanted the show to be successful. I'm sorry because I have a lot of respect for the people who wanted to bring back the magic of the original show and make the fans laugh because I know how hard it is for artists to do something like this.

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But it's not good. Those first three episodes were a garbage fire. He was demoralized by this show and how truly horrible it was. But I'm not just some asshole critic who prides himself on not giving a shit about people's hard work. I really want to explain what went wrong with this show and why it didn't live up to my expectations.

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The show starts with a pilot where we show scene by scene where the characters are and what is going on in their lives. We know that Spencer is a bit rich and remodeled apartment 8-C, Carly hosted QVC Italian for a few years and moved back to Seattle, and Freddie is twice divorced and has a stepdaughter.

All this information is transmitted to the audience in a highly inorganic way. The characters just say what's going on in their lives with so little subtlety that they might as well be looking directly into the camera lens and telling the audience.

An often overlooked rule is that characters should generally not share information they already know. That's why movies like Men In Black have an audience proxy (Agent J) where the characters can explain the world while fishing out of water and learning everything for the first time.

The writing on this show is so incredibly direct that it's a master class in not giving away information to your audience. Everything is spooned to us in overly scripted exchanges with no real purpose other than to provide the audience with the necessary information.

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Let's talk about nostalgia: this show had a lot of that. With the return of Baby Spencer and Carly ripping off her mustache from The Cowboy and the jerk farm girl who thought the cowboy's mustache was a squirrel, you can see how hard the writers are trying to appease fans of the original series.

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But some options don't work at all. While I appreciate them mentioning the absence of Sam Puckett by saying that she was in a biker gang (nothing on Gibby yet), it would have been easier to say that she was still in the events of the war.same cat, runs the Sam & Cats Super Rockin' Fun Time babysitting service. This is more of a nitpick than anything else, but it still bothered me a bit.

As for the second episode, it becomes unforgivable: Nora Dershlit returns. Do you remember the crazy girl who kidnapped our characters in two episodes oficarly? She is back in this episode, although she was imprisoned in an episode of Clearly.same cat. And she has nothing to do but show up and be quirky. She didn't add anything to the plot. She was just there so the audience could say, "Hello, I'm Nora!"

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Why is that? Because this show is all about nostalgia. It desperately wants us to think fondly of the old show, almost to distract us from the lack of wit the new show has. It is as if the authors were using the berries of the members ofpark onfor us to like this show.

And with the confirmed reappearance of Nevel Papperman and other characters from the original series, it's likely that this series will continue to bring back people who might have appeared in a few episodes of the previous series just for fun.

Because this show was lacking new ideas. We have two new main characters: Harper, Carly's new best friend, and Millicent, Freddie's stepdaughter. Neither character is funny or unique yet, as Millicent blackmails and manipulates her father in the third episode.

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But this program has another problem besides what I mentioned, and once again it all comes down to the typing: this program is not fun. Many children's shows allow this kind of thing because the humor is meant to appeal to children and audiences won't find it funny.

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However, the comedy in this show is more mature. It is not a children's show; It's a show made for me, a person who grew up on the old show and is now older and can use adult humor. But unfortunately, any attempt at comedy fails.

This show is point after point after point and none of it is funny. It honestly feels like the laugh track is thrown in at random moments in a scene to give the audience the impression that the dialogue is funny when it's not.

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All the writing and acting feels so wrong. Neither situation feels real; The show makes it seem like each character is aware that he is on a sitcom and tries to play with the camera in the funniest way possible. But none of it works because the writing feels so forced and inorganic.

It's a horrible feeling when I'm watching a show and they try so hard to be funny, but every joke misses the mark and I find myself without a smile on my face. But that's exactly what this show is. The attempts to make fun of memes and shut down the culture, influencers and haters are more pathetic than anything else.

There are moments that should have looked good on paper but didn't work out in the long run. One moment from the show that gained prominence before its release is when Miranda Cosgrove (who plays Carly) recreates her "Interesting..." meme when she played Megan Parker.drake y josh.

But when you look at the scene, the editing feels so weird. It feels like Cosgrove is playing Carly Shay, a broken character to make one on purpose.drake y joshreference, and then stepped back from the paper. Again, everything about this show feels forced.

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The situations on the show feel ridiculous. There's a scene where Harper distracts a crowd of angry livestream influencers who want to cancel Spencer by pointing to an empty hallway and telling them that a person is criticizing her childhood TV show, and this leads to people influencers dissolve. I get the point of the joke, but the writing is so off.

Unfortunately, that feels like a situationStar Wars: The Phantom MenaceoIndiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, where after a long wait we got an addition to a popular series. And after seeing it, we really want to convince ourselves that it was everything we hoped it would be, but it really isn't.

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It hurts to say, but if you were to take this show and remove all the laugh tracks, nostalgia, and familiar faces, this show would be hell for critics and audiences alike. Because while it's great to see Carly, Freddie, and Spencer again, this show just doesn't know what to make of them.

Spencer shoots herself and pepper sprays herself in the same scene. That's the level of antics this show is aiming for. Instead of Spencer's hilarious rivalry with his nemesis (a little boy named Chuck), he just does things you'd see in a bad SNL skit.

This show doesn't have a single good idea yet. The jokes are terrible and the show lacks a bit of heart. It's just a no-fun show that fills you with nostalgia, to remind you of the glory days oficarly. But sadly this show can't stand on its own.


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