Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling (2019) Movie Screenplay (2023)

After 20 years in space, Brock and his friends are trying to adjust to an even more modern 21st century life. However, when he learns that his favorite '90s cartoon is no longer airing, Rocko tries to track down its creator.

That was a hoot!

♪ Rock visual Moderne ♪

Rock visual Moderne.


♪ 900 billion bottles
Root Beer an der Wand ♪

♪ 900 billion bottles
From root beer ♪

♪ Hit one down... ♪

♪ 899 million bottles
Root Beer an der Wand ♪

Hm, pretty sure
there was more in it.

Despite it...

Now by miracle

my amazing super powers,

Fast forward 20 years
up to the present

through my future nipples!

Oh, mmm-hmm.

♪ Pass it on ♪

♪ A bottle of root beer
On the wall ♪

♪ A bottle of root beer ♪

♪ knock one down
Pass it around ♪

♪ Zero bottles of root beer
On the wall ♪

My goodness.

twenty years later

And finally this stupid song ends.

♪ she will be ♪

♪ She wears pink pajamas when she comes ♪

♪ She'll be wearing pink pajamas.
When she comes ♪

Minced meat?

Is it time Rocko?

Nearly! Are the sandwiches ready?

Consider it done!

- ¡Filburt!
- I'm preparing the viewing area.

♪ I can't wait to see
My favorite show ♪

hmm! Couch snacks are looking good today!

A little closer...

hmm A little to the right.

Ah, fish fingers. Very far!

Oh that is good.

- Wow!
- ¡Vaya!

- Excitement!
- Come on, skirt!

- We are ready!
- Come on Rock.

We're almost there boys!
Here I come!

It's time for our favorite show!

The big heads!

Wow! heads!

fat heads, fat heads,
heads, fat heads!

the bigheads,
Created by Ralph Bighead.

we must have seen that
1,000 times for now,

And I still go crazy about it!

I wonder
what a ridiculousness

Fatheads gonna go in now, huh?

We will see.

Good morning darling!

Dear, good morning!

stop kissing me

I have morning breath.

Ain't it great how some things
never change?

my favorite show
with my favorite friends

Edward Elias Fathead,

you pick up this vomited foot
this moment!

But I did it last time!


Hey, why aren't you laughing?

What happened?

Oh creep

That was our only bond.

Oh no.

you killed him

Ooh, we're passing Earth again!

It sure is big.

Oh I bet O-Town is wonderful these days
Hello Hello?


I wonder if anyone misses us.

I would miss you Rocko.

Oh! Not to mention Chokey Chicken!

Minced meat?

What's that sticking to your ass?

hey? Oh hello!
It's the rocket's remote control.




Give me that

Hey, does it have a re-enter button?

you tell me
this is the key to get us home

it sticks to your ass
for 20 years?

How can you not see these things?

Well it's not like I can see it
my own ass, Filburt.

People? We pass the earth.

and what are you trying
say Philburt?

That you're fat, Heffer.

You are growth hormone oversized!

I am a Taurus!

We will miss our chance!

You never pay attention to anything!

What, your ass?

Push the button!

- Yes, sure, Rocko.
- Yes.

- What you say.
- You don't have to be afraid.



♪ Oh, R-E-C-Y-C-L-E, recicla ♪

♪ C-O-N-S-E-R... ♪

We are at home.

Let's play innocent in nature!

huh folks?


I think we're not in the 90's anymore.


♪ Rock visual Moderne ♪

Rock visual Moderne.


♪ Rock visual Moderne ♪

Rock visual Moderne.

Listen! I have the new O-Phone 8.

Big Scream.
I just received the new O-Phone 9.

is this a phone
But where are all the buttons?


Who's ready for Slime-O'd?

I have you!

Sludge-O Energy Drink! It's radioactive!

- ¿Eh?
- Steel.


my old job

But where is the door?

where are the comics

Wow! this food truck
sells pizza tacos!

I have a sausage taco.

I have a taco taco in another taco.

What did you get Rocko?

Poisoned Food.

No more games.

This time it's personal.

It's so realistic.

Wow! And.

Oh! Oh! Oh!

♪ Rock visual Moderne ♪

Rock visual Moderne.

♪ Rock visual Moderne ♪

¿A year?


the 21st century
It's a very dangerous century.

Who are you talking to, honey?

Rocky, raus da!

oh the neighborhood
it wasn't the same

since you launched into space.

Oh me?

We have so much catching up to do!

Here, why don't you watch some TV?

and i will make you
a nice glass of hot milk?

Do not go!

Thank you, big-headed lady.

Call me Bev!

Yes, that's exactly what I need.

I'll look for a few episodes
von Los Cabezudos.

We'll need a little more
Lemonade or something, mom.

I don't know where they all came from.

You must have been busy.

I was busy.

And a one and a two

and a one and a two!

Tonight at the ghost cake...

Look, there's one now!

do you get this
You have to get this!

Fat cats in tiny houses.

I'm stuck


do you know which channel
Are they fatheads?

This one. Wow.
It's been off the air for years.

No big heads?

Yeah, honey, not even the reruns.

People only want their cartoons these days.

on the, you know, fancy widescreen,

uh, you know, doctor.

(Video) Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling Trailer | Netflix

¿A year?

No big heads? No big heads?

oh how it seems
you have no food

Why are you not coming?
to our house for lunch?

We can catch up there.

No big heads?

Ed comes home for lunch.

Oh, he'll be happy
that you are back!

- Smelly man!
- Hello Mr. B.

- Fold!
- Hello Mr. B.

- Tierra!
- Mr. b.

- ¡Floogleberry!
- Mr. b.

- Hello Mr. B.

Rubiberg. how are the kids

I do not know!

Good afternoon folks.

Hello Mr B

Hello Mr B!

You hardly work, Ninneman?

just scan
die doc-Os-Zeitung, Mr. b

Well here's one for you.

100% accurate, as usual.

I get to work.

Attaboy, Ninnemann.

Well, I'll have lunch.

What's our golden rule guys?

¡Never record overtime!

Music to my ears!

I love my job.

We're ruined! We are lost!

Attention, the end is here.

Panic now. I repeat, panic now.

Conglom-O is out of business!

Move, move, move, move!

♪ Man, who is this?
Well dressed boy ♪

♪ In the elegant bow tie ♪

♪ I'm someone special ♪

♪ I'm Edward Cabezon ♪

♪ I take big meetings ♪

♪ I'll take the hits ♪

♪ A leader has the right
Eating long lunches ♪

♪ I'm so beautiful ♪

♪ My life is beautiful ♪

♪ I had this smile on my face ♪

♪ See Rocko in the Weltraum flog ♪

♪ The neighborhood has changed
It's a bit disturbed ♪

♪ Well, one thing stays the same ♪

♪ This is Edward Cabezon ♪

Hey, get out of the way, you maniac!

Can't you see I'm driving here?

go! go! go!

Move! Time is money!

Aww, tadpole! I'm at home!

O my great strong toad!

I have a special surprise
lunch planned.

A special surprise, right?

I bet I can guess what it is.

Ed, do you understand?

Mr. Big head,
Nosy from Newschunk News here.

How does it feel,
Know your calculation error

just shot down
alles Konglom-O?


I haven't made a mistake in 20 years.

I'm too big to fail!

And how Conglom-O is composed
95% of the economy of our city,

O-Town is doomed.

Oh wait a second folks.

That just came in, Ed's boss, Mr. Dupette,

just issued
the following statement.

"Head, you're fired!"

Oh no,
that sounds serious

fired? But I...

Hello. We're here to make room
for the new job.

you have 24 hours
before we tear down your house.

- Have a good...
- ¡Gah!

This doesn't happen.

Say it won't happen!

I must be having a nightmare.

Hello Sr. Big Head.
A lot of time without watching him.

Ed darling
I invited Rocko to lunch.

I hope you don't mind.

What's the matter with Mr. Cabezón?

Oh, just your life is falling apart

like a dry dung heap under the blazing sun

and sees no hope
that's all.

I can relate.

I can't see my favorite
TV program, Los cabezones.


Yes, yes, the heads. It's correct.

His son Ralph did it.
Maybe he can help me?

Ralphie... Mi Chico...

Despite all the success
the bigheads,

I'm just not happy.

I have to go away for a while

do a real soul-searching

and find the real me

I promise to write.

good luck son

I made you a fly sandwich, dear.

Rocko, darling, Ralph's gone
to find each other years ago.

Oh. Forgiveness.

I... I have to check
in mashed potato bugs.

This one is terrifying!

No more Ralph means no more fatheads.

Mr. head please

there must be something you can do

to bring her...
I mean he back.

Your Ralphie needs you.
I need you!

Your show is all I have!

Uh, uh, uh...

I'm sorry.

Rocko, an old cartoon

it will not be solved
the kind of problems you have.

Mr. Big head,
Fatheads wasn't just a cartoon.

Your son has created a cultural icon
that resonated with millions of people!

There's a big audience out there

I'm screaming for this show to come back

and who gives it to him

gonna make millions...
No, billions!

Oh Rocko, you are a genius!

Ralph can Konglom-O
A new Fatheads special!

It will be a great success.

It will save my job, my house,
and all of O-Town!

And I can watch my old show again!

You will never listen to me.
I just got fired!

But you! you are a fan
and the fans of today have power!


You must email me

this Aries Toodle jewelry

Schmeepen-Bloop your support

to bring back the fatheads.

Or we could just talk to them.

Well, Brock, Mr. Dupette is very

Let's say one private.

I met a beaver
He would kill me one day.

Grandpa, you're already dead, do you remember?

I'll tell you when I'm dead!

Why in my time
when you were dead

you really were dead
No that...

Where did you go Rocko?

Heffer and I go gluten free

I met my dear wife.

Hallo Rocko!

I have updated, added
and my platforms interconnected,

more reset and forget
so many passwords

I think I'm going viral!

We are waiting for the test results.

Sorry for the interruption
Your little tea party

but we only deal with

the fate of all people

Mr. Bighead and I will do it
Bring back the bigheads.

- You should come.
- Schön!

Sorry, Heffer promised
we would take care of his grandfather's ghost

in the afternoon.


Grandpa owned another garden gnome!

Try to catch me, fat man!


Oh my!

I am broke!

What should I do?

I lost everything
but my sweet, sweet


Mr. Dupette?

What else are you doing?
do you want me


It's, uh, Ed Bighead, señor.

Ed Cabezon?

- ¡Vaya!
- What are you doing here?

I thought I just fired you!

oh yes sir

You did it, you did it, but I, uh...

We believe we can save
Your company, Mr. Dupette.

(Video) Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling - AMAZING or AWFUL?

What's that, bighead?

is that a mouse

i am a kangaroo

Um, Sr. Dupette,
Do you think Conglom-O TV

Could you bring back the fatheads?

The big heads?
The big heads?

This show sold millions of toys.
and fruit squishies, right?

Yes, I will bring back the Fatheads.

Why didn't I think of that sooner?

I'll put my people on it
right away!

You... your people?

Uh, we thought

We could get Mr. Bigheads
son Ralph to do it.

After all, he created The Fatheads.

Very expensive!

Conglom-O is ruined!
We might even have to sell

the executive bathroom for men
to do this thing.

My people can do this cheaply.

You have computers.

Oh yes, a Fatheads update!

- ¡Tan-Chic!
- How retro!

We do a lot of TV shows.

Away, scum!

Making art is easy with computers.

Oh so easy!

Bighead, you're reinstated.

If this fails...


This is my last chance, Rocko.

This cartoon must be good.

But, Mr Bighead,

If Ralph doesn't do The Bigheads,

The special will fail.


These guys are going to ruin the fatheads!


All right, Mr. Bighead, Heffer, Filburt and I.
Go and get Ralph.

You stop the chameleons.

Don't let this cartoon go!

Little beaver thing!

i am a kangaroo

Congratulations on your brilliant idea.

Save O-Town by bringing it back
the fat ones

what do you have to say
to your admirers?

fans? I just wanted to see
new bobbles

We love Rocko!

We love Rocko!
We love Rocko!

That's him!

I just wanted my show back!

You heard it here first folks.

O-Town is saved!

did you get the injection

hello web

It's me, FishSticks96,

with my field selfie-o-matic
cranial transition.


My reality is virtual!

Despite it...

Let's go on an epic quest

to find the big one
Ralf Cabezon.

It's too real!

Die Details! Wow!

Subscribe to my channel
to follow our inspiration...

The grotesque!
The horror!

I want my mom!

Spunky! Stay away from this internet thing!

It will hurt you!

Oh Rocko-Liebling!

I have something
share with you!

It's about my little Ralphie.

Do you know where he went?

Well, my boy sends postcards.
to his dear mother.


China, Egypt, Italy...

Oh uh, it's not meant to be
to be there.

seems to have been

and this is the last photo
I have from him

oh bring back
my little tadpole, Rocko.

his mother and father
I miss him much.

I want, unruly lady,

but how do we get there
to all these places?

Why don't we take the rocket?

We found the remote control, remember?


Forgiveness. Too much kale salad.

ham dog!

Spunky what's up boy?

You know
How do I find Ralph?

did you just lose

your remote control
Flight mechanism?

Well you're in luck!


You seem to be the couple type

What can a quality drone do?
when you see it

let me interest you
in our econo drone.

have you seen this toad

Can't an elephant bathe in peace?

Bad, bad tourists!


- You have seen?
- No!


yes we saw it

No we have not!

No we have not.

can i go for a walk

If you can.

No you can't!

No, no, you can't.

No, I haven't seen it.







Not necessarily not!

How do we find Ralph?

I don't think we have places to look.

I guess I'm out of funny jokes.

I think we've run out of batteries.


pillows, culturally ambiguous pillows,
soft and fluffy.

we are okay

We are okay!

We are okay!

Work harder worms!

More quickly!

Are you doing a cartoon?

Should not use them
pens or something?

Say oh!

Welcome to the 21st century, Bighead!

We have the best computers, huh?

we can do anything
unexcited and cheap.

I'm sweating, I'm hot, I'm sick.

Oh, now we'll never find Ralph Bighead.

That's terrible, Heff.

I would say. I do not receive
no cell phone reception here.


do you see what i see


Fried chicken dancing with slices of pizza
around a fountain of orange soda?

No, not the mirage.

The thing!


ice cream truck!

You would like
an ice cube?

You can bet!

Here you have.



And you?

Your voice sounds so familiar to me...


You are Ralph Bighead!

We've looked everywhere
The world for you, Ralph!

- For real?
- Yes, really, my goodness.


why are you looking for me

Well you see
we were gone a long time...


Oh boy.
See we were floating

around the universe

in the last 20 years...
Oh that is good.

Oh I really needed that.

Um, well, what Filburt is trying to say is
everything has changed so much

i only need one
that used to be here.

would you bring back the fatheads
or at least a special one?

Yes, I don't think so.

Expect! But you are the only one
who on earth could...

Ralph! Ralph!
Raphael, wait!

Why not?

Why would he bring back the Fatheads?

I don't like cartoons anymore.

(Video) ROCKO & INVADER ZIM movies are going to Netflix

Now I only sell Fatheads ice cream.

take, take one

But not even this
look like Mr. Fathead.

That's because it's Mrs. Fathead.

They are off the model but they are sold.

Get out of my truck, Rocko.

If Conglom-O doesn't get a new achievement,
then your father will lose his job,

but the most important,

become your parents
Lose your home!

His house?

Who has little tadpole fingers?

Aww, it damaged my retina.

Oooh ...



I will do it for my parents

but since the last time
I saw her,

I have changed.

I'm not Ralph anymore.

i am rachel

¡Wow genial!

That's incredible.

Well what are we waiting for?

Let's go!

From where?

Konglom-¡Oh, Heff!

- Roger?

I thought your name was Rachel.

Let's go far!

Hello! I am speaking to you.
You hear?

Oh yes, I'm listening.

That's not the right line.

Oh, isn't that funny?

I'm laughing so hard right now.

If I had pants
I would wet her.

Smells bad.

Big head, open a window.

Hey? oh yes sir

♪ She'll ride six white horses ♪

♪ She'll ride six white horses ♪

Ah, some fresh air.
Good idea.

pillows, culturally ambiguous pillows,
soft and fluffy.

I think I broke my leg.

you have no leg

You will receive our invoice!

No, no, wait a minute.

Bighead, why did you convince me?
Hire these idiots?

Obviously we need the Creator.
to get this right!

We send for him.
He should be here...

We are back!

I like your efficiency, Bighead.

Oh just in time.

Big head, nice to meet you.

great shoes.


We need you to work your magic.

your father will inform you
in every detail.

Ed, you're still in charge.
make it happen

Hello son?

Hello father.

Well, I'm going on vacation.

That's most of the work
I have done in years.

Good luck, bigheads!

let me know
when the special ends!

But what... what's going on here?
Where is my son?

I'm not your son, I'm your daughter
and i'm finally happy.

That's crazy!





Oh! I can not do that

I have no daughter!


My son did the show.

No son, no show.

There will be no Fatheads special.

I leave!

Rachel, I'm sure you didn't mean it that way
these things.

Mr. Big head?

But what about Conglom-O?

Who cares?

Expect! Mr. Big head,
I need a Fatheads special!

I can't do it!

I can't do all this

that that that...


Hey, can someone break a five?

All these changes stop now!

Expect! Mr. Big head...

Why don't you go back to the 90's?
where do you belong

Come back Mr Big Head!

Rocko, how are you feeling?

have alone
defeated Conglom-O

and thus all of O-Town?

I just wanted my show back.

Down with Rocko!
Down with Rocko!

- Down with Rocko!
- Rocko stole my socks!

There are!

This is the dog that brought down O-Town!

I'm a kangaroo!

Yes, your nerves.

Gosh, you're right Rocko.

you are the kangaroo
that brought down O-Town.

Minced meat!

Oh! Forgiveness.

Well I'm outta here.

Rachel, wait!

I'm sure your father
it didn't mean any of that.

No, Rocko, I'm done.

I'm not needed here.

I will sell ice cream again.

Rachel, wait!

Well that was sad.

I know! i really want it
another frozen pop from Fatheads.

Oh, Ed, I wish you were more open-minded.

I think it's great
what Raquel did.

I'm sure she's much better
well with himself.

Also, I just found these shoes.
in his size.

Aren't they adorable?

It's not just that, Bev.
i lost my job

I lose my home and now

¿Ralph is Raquel?

i suffer from
an extreme case of TMC,

Too much variety!

Is there an open window?

I can not believe that.

Everything is so different

and now I can't even look
The heads again.

Oh, you animate, Rocko.
There is plenty of entertainment to enjoy.

And, Rock.

don't underestimate
the hours of fun we can have

Make distorted selfies!

Put it on! Put it on!

Click click!

change of heads!

hey, you won
a little weight, Filburt.

Hey clam boy.

Don't forget to spawn.

Technology is fun.

Who has little tadpole fingers?

It damaged my retina.

Oooh ...

Another shipment of mops.


The tapfer.

at least you always will
stay the same

Mr. Big head?
are you on the roof


Mr. Big head,

I don't feel very well either.

Oh Rocko, leave me alone.

I am a loser.

I feel like
I let everyone down.

You were disappointed, Mr. Cabezón.

you can live
without the old job

and you can live without your house,

but you can't live without it
a relationship with his son.

Who are you?

I am the "nagger" of change.

do you cut this

We don't need your wind.

Why are you here,
Sr. Whinds of Change?

I'm here to tell you
who accepts changes

is the key to happiness.

you have to go with me
the winds of change

Listen Mr Blowhard

i don't like your wind

And I don't like change

So why not easy
Take your fake breeze

and float away?

Yes, I don't like change
Neither, Mr Whinds.

I'm bad too.

(Video) Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling | Netflix Review

See I was trapped in space
for 20 years and...


let me tell you
a little more philosophical

from my latest online book.

You see, nature
change is...

Excuse me a moment.
I have to take that.


And, uh, and.


Oh yes of course.

Hey, it's for you Rocko.

Me? oh uh...


Rocko, where have you been?
We tried to contact you.

Oh I? Good,
We're here on the roof

and he, uh,
Winds of change are here.

She did it Rocko!

Raquel done
the special thing about the big heads!

they will broadcast it
in ten minutes, Rocko.

Come to Conglom-O and try it!

Yes there is a party and popcorn.

and they show the special
on a giant screen.

Give it back to me, you fat beef!

I have more to say, Shellback!

And there's bora bora sauce.

Well, I do not know.

I think Mr. Cabezón needs me.

And, Rocko, Rachel is here!


We have to go now, Rock.
We're having technical difficulties.

I'll take the phone!

No you do not!

Give me the phone, Filburt!

so i said

"Is that a melon in your pocket,

or just a bad case of…”

Well, that's unfortunate.


Rachel finished the Fatheads special,
Mr. Big head.

You stream it in a few minutes,

and they show it in Conglom-O.

You go, Rocko.
You probably made it possible.

Certainly not me.

you go with me


There's no way you're going to catch me

go down there...

Oh, Moment mal. Was was...
What are you doing?

I'm sorry Mr Big Head
but you must attend a party!

Let's go!

Let me go! Let me go!

winds of change,

volarnos a
The opening party please!

Well I had a few more.
hordes of wisdom,

but it is okay.

Oh, that wind came from the wrong side.

O kleiner Mann! Whoo-hoo!

and that's why I made my decision
do this job honey

It's much tighter.

Hey look, here comes Rocko!

Hallo Rock.

You... did you bring potatoes?

It's Mr Big Head.


hands off me

Have a seat, everyone!

The first Fatheads special
In 20 years

it starts right away.

Yes, fat heads!

Hello everyone.

who is trapped
a nostalgia hole, right?


Ladies and gentlemen,

Meet the big heads

Oh I love fatheads!

It is great!

those big heads
They're oh so funny, huh?

But look, what is this?

It looks like this
a new fat

A fat baby.

When? A stubborn baby?

There is no such thing as a fathead baby.

We love the old fatheads.

Is not that cute?


Oh look baby fathead
plays with the vacuum cleaner!

And he is so cute!

I just want...

But Mira,

there seems to be
a touching moment

con bebe Fathead
and his parents

let's check


who is the cutest
Little fathead baby?


tickle tickle!

Who has little tadpole fingers?

Oh look, it damaged my retina.

See you later, vagabonds.

Thank you thank you.

I just want to say thank you
all little people.


And hooray

Wait a minute.
Wait a minute!

Listen to me.

It's not OK!

These aren't just new fatheads,

It's different, bigheads!

We can't like that.


You changed him, Rachel.

You switched bigheads!

It's too much variety.

Rocko, let me tell you something.

The essence of change is...

Let me take that, Mr. Gassy Cloud-Thing,
whatever you are

Rocko, we can't live in the past.

For that we can be thankful

but life is not permanent

and if we don't accept what is now,

we miss a lot
of the important things.



I think the change is ok.



Ooh, let's sing a song about change!

Ah, the change still sucks.


It's raining money!

listen! conglomerate-o revenue,
take away for free!

jump, jump, jump, jump,
jump, jump, jump.

this is the fruit
of capitalist redundancy!

Isn't all this looting illegal?

What do you mean?
All are happy!

We love this country!

Up soon!

Goodbye Rocko.

Rachel, that was fantastic.

Come back?
for sale fathead soda?

No, I have more important things.
do now.


That looks like you
The first in the morning.


I agree with this comment.

But Ed.

- Up soon!
- Much luck.

Well it's your old man, FishSticks96,

at the end of my journey.

I hope to meet one day
my five loyal subscribers.

You can!

My family!

Loving You!


i love you grandfather

Hey, you still smell like sweaty balls.

What an exciting ending

but let's talk to him
who made everything possible

A really great man.

Great, how are you feeling?

send to everyone
on this wonderful journey

with your super powers?

Oh. It is my duty.

But I have to say

My nipples must be tired.

Well there you have it.

From the ruins of Conglom-O
de O-town,

here is Nosy saying goodbye.

And now a hairy badger.

♪ 2001 snot on the wall
2.001 Ashes ♪

♪ Pick one
And shake it ♪

♪ 2002 snot on the wall ♪

♪ 2002 snot on the wall ♪

(Video) Rocko’s Modern Life: Cartoons Coming out of the Closet

♪ 2.002 Ashes ♪


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